Nintendo's decision not to exhibit at the Tokyo Game Show hasn't appeared to hurt its DS's chances in the coming handheld war as the start of the week saw a rise in share price of 2.1 per cent.

Not pushing the product at TGS had been considered to be a bad move by the Mario merchants as it gave Sony the chance to foist their sexy electronics onto the world with gay abandon. However, while Sony continue to keep quiet about the much maligned PSP battery life and its final retail price, Nintendo cleverly unveiled a highly competitive price point just days before the show and this seems to have paid off. The company's share price has risen to 13,000 Yen which is only the price of a plate of sushi off the 12 month high of 13,160 Yen.

Sony also appear to be fighting a war on the software front as industry veterans voice concerns over the quality of the third party support for the Japanese launch - even the prolific EA has only managed to promise two titles on launch day.

"People who were disappointed after seeing Sony's PSP and its games may now be anticipating the Nintendo DS," said UFJ Tsubasa analyst Kei Oka.

He may be right for now, but these are still early doors and we'll just have to wait and see how much the 'buy-on-sight' factor comes into consideration when both kits finally make it onto the market.

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