Sony shuts down Concrete Genie developer PixelOpus

Sony shuts down Concrete Genie developer PixelOpus
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Sony has reportedly shut down PixelOpus, a game development studio widely known for creating the beloved action adventure title, Concrete Genie. The revelation came in the form of a brief, but concise Twitter post from the developers themselves wherein they thanked “the millions of passionate players” that have supported them throughout their journey.

For those unfamiliar with this organization, PixelOpus was established as an in-house studio for Sony in 2014. During their first year of operation, they released a rhythm game called Entwined for previous generation consoles, including the handheld PlayStation Vita.

It would then take them another five years to release another creation, but the wait was seemingly all worth it as the aforementioned Concrete Genie became well-received as soon as it was launched. Plenty of praise was made towards its art-based gameplay and visuals, however, many also ended up criticizing it for its lack of difficulty and basic combat mechanics.

In 2021, it had then been revealed that PixelOpus had started working on a new PS5 game in collaboration with Sony Pictures Animation, the film studio responsible for the hit animated movie, Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse. Unfortunately, the group’s dissolution now leaves the future of this untitled entry largely up in the air as Sony is yet to address the developer’s statement.

Sadly, the closure of video game studios has all but become a common occurrence in the current landscape of the volatile video game industry. PixelOpus, though creative and largely innovative, is just another casualty of this ever-changing field of entertainment where volume and sales are steadily becoming the deciding factors as to who gets to stay and who gets left behind.