Sony has revealed that development on The Last Guardian - the latest adventure game from Team Ico-has not been progressing as swiftly as the publisher had initially hoped.

Speaking to VG247, SCE Studios president Shuhei Yoshida revealed said "The Last Guardian team has been making progress," but that Team Ico has also been under "big pressure".

"It's been very difficult in terms of seeing the progress: not as fast as we'd been hoping for, and the team has been under big pressure. But we're still making progress, so I'd like to continue to support and keep waiting for great news sometime in the future."

When asked whether Sony would be shedding more light on The Last Guardian and Gran Turismo at Tokyo Games Show next month, Yoshida replied "I'd say it could be a little bit longer."

"As far as the Gran Turismo team's concerned, they are still working on updating the games, so they're just shifting to the designing and concepting phase of the next project. It's going to take a few years."

The Last Guardian was initially scheduled for a release in 2011, but in April the game's director, Fumito Ueda, announced it had been pushed back until 2012.