Sony Worldwide Studios VP Michael Denny has described why Sony chose to announce its next-generation console ahead of Microsoft, telling that "the timing's right" to reveal PlayStation 4.

"We just felt the timing's right in that the current generation, we're 6 or 7 years or so in now, there's been speculation it's coming," said Denny. "So we're excited by what we've got in the year ahead.

He continued: "As for going first, why not? We're proud of what we've got, we're proud of the system we've got. It's always going to be about the content and we feel we've got that coming in droves."

Sony revealed some of that content last night, lifting the lid on a next-generation version of Killzone, as well as a new next-gen racer from Evolution Studios.

"We thought it was right to share that with people," Denny continued, adding that the PlayStation 4's architecture removes "any technical shackles that developers had in the past" to allow for "unbridled creative freedom".

"We went to the development community and asked their views as well," said Denny, "[and] worked hand-in-hand with hardware and software system engineers to build an informed architecture that we believe takes off any technical shackles that developers had in the past, and now there's unbridled creative freedom."

Sony announced PlayStation 4 last night, detailing the console's new online functionality and DualShock 4.

The final hardware, Denny suggests, will be revealed at E3.

Microsoft is expected to announce its next-generation Xbox soon, with the latest rumours pointing towards an April reveal.

Source: interview at PlayStation 4 media event held in New York. Flights and accommodation provided by SCEE.