The success of PSN game Journey isn't lining the pockets of developer thatgamecompany with gold, with Sony's investment in the project first to be recouped, co-founder Jenova Chen has told Joystiq.

"Sony owns all the rights to the games, and they also make the majority of the profit off the games," Chen said.

This includes flOw, Flower and Journey, and left the independent developer in a spot of financial trouble.

"We were at a spot where, if we couldn't figure out the next game, or find the next deal, then at the end of Journey we'd run out of money," Chen explained. "When the game makes money, the money first goes back to pay back the money they've invested. So, that's going to take a while - Journey cost multiple millions of dollars to make. Once that money is recouped, then we will get royalties."

And thankfully this should be pretty soon, but Chen says the studio can't and isn't relying on Journey to pay the bills.

"We are not going to be relying on the money from Journey to keep the company going," he said.

$5.5 million from venture capital firm Benchmark Capital will keep the studio afloat whilst it develops its new multi-platform game.

Source: Joystiq