Sony's John Kodera has indicated the electronics giant isn't done with portable gaming, despite the fact PlayStation Vita is pretty much on its last legs in all territories but Japan.

Speaking during a roundtable event in Tokyo earlier this week, Kodera revealed that Sony is keeping an eye on what consumers want to see in regards to the portable gaming space, but wouldn't be drawn into talking about any specific hardware ideas.

'In my opinion, rather than separating portable gaming from consoles, it's necessary to continue thinking of it (portable gaming) as one method to deliver more gaming experiences and exploring what our customers want from portable,' said Kodera (via Bloomberg). 'We want to think about many options.'

Kodera's comments are a lot more optimistic compared to his predecessor, Andrew House, who didn't really see a future in portable gaming. 

PS Vita was released in the US and UK back in 2012, although support from both Sony's first-party studios and third-parties soon fizzled out. It's now found a home as a PS4 companion device and a home for indie darlings. 

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