Sony believes its PlayStation Vita has gotten off to a "good start" in Japan, and doesn't predict any problems for the platform in the weeks ahead.

The handheld which launched late in 2011 has now sold 535,423 units in Japan, but the majority of this figure was achieved in its first few weeks - 321,407 units in week one.

However, Sony seems pretty pleased with the PS Vita so far.

"Now the company has not publicly announced the units of shipping and sales, at the appropriate time, we would do so. But as far as the sell-through, three weeks have passed and sell-through is 500,000," said Sony's chief financial officer Masaru Kato during a call with investors.

"So as a start, I think we had a very - a good start."

Asked about concerns for sales during February, Kato added: "Including software and hardware, we are carrying out sales promotions and we do it to boost the sales, and we do not think we have any problems."

Vita is priced 24,980 yen in Japan, compared to 15,000 yen for 3DS. Since its price cut the 3DS has achieved greater success than many anticipated.

PS Vita launches in the UK on February 22 - Amazon currently has the best pre-order deal, which includes a free 8GB memory card and the option to buy a launch game for £15.

Via Seeking Alpha