Sonic Mania update 1.04 has spin-dashed its way to PlayStation 4 owners overnight, implementing a range of much-requested features for the retro-fuelled platform title.

The main highlight here (via Reddit) is the addition of new stage transitions, showcasing how the Blue Blur ended up getting to the next level and sort of fleshing out the narrative in bite-sized chunks. Not that you really need to worry about the story in a Sonic game, but it's a cool addition and something that fans have been pretty vocal about since launch.

In addition, the new Sonic Mania patch throws in a bunch of additions including the ability to skip cutscenes, revamped menus, new animations for Super Sonic, additional visuals and sound effects, while one phase of the Metal Sonic boss fight has been completely overhauled so it's basically a new encounter. 

Sega will release a physical version of the acclaimed speed-'em-up later this year for PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One, featuring a number of additional content such as extra playable characters and the new Encore Mode.

Read our review of Sonic Mania to see if it lives up to the task of restoring faith in Sega's spiky mascot. 

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