by on Nov 16, 2020

SnowRunner launches Season Two DLC including two new maps, three new vehicles and more

Off-road sim SnowRunner has launched its second season of DLC content from today, including an entire new region making the game 50% larger than it was at launch, three new vehicles and new gameplay.

The headline addition in the "Expore and Expand" DLC is the new region of Yukon, Canada featuring not just one but two new maps set in the locale, known as Flooded Foothills and Big Salmon Peak. The new veichles includes the games largest truck ever in the CAT 770G, a CAT TH357D AG forklift and the KRS 58 "bandit" vehicle with built-in light crane.

There's also some new gameplay on the new maps, challenging you to build a Large Ore Processing Plant that's made up of three smaller buildings; to do so you'll need to get to grips with cargo crafting and raw material colleciton from disassembly. Also included are a bunch of new customisation options to make your vehicles your own. A bunch of free content is also included in today's update, including two new Trials and Xtreme Cargo missions, some more new missions in the Taymyr and Alaska regions and more.

You can pick up the Explore and Expand Season 2 content either as standalone DLC or as part of the game's Season Pass right now and check out a trailer for the new content below. SnowRunner is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.



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