Sniper Elite is getting an asymmetrical board game adaptation

Sniper Elite is getting an asymmetrical board game adaptation
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Sniper Elite the Board Game is an adaptation of the successful stealth series for tabletop players, and it pits one player against the rest in a game of deception.

Developed by Rebellion Unplugged, the game has been designed by David Thompson and Roger Tankersley. One player is Allied sniper Karl Fairburne, sneaking up on a top secret WWII U-boat launch facility. They’ll use their gadgets and gear to misdirect and eliminate their enemies, which are the other players who have control over squads of German soldiers on the base. These players must outmanoeuvre the lone player, while defending the base from his attacks. With artwork from the games’ concept art books and “unique, beautifully produced” miniatures, this is quite the addition to the series, and to any tabletop players’ shelf.

The adaptation’s Kickstarter campaign commenced today, and backers are able to snag exclusive extras like a solo player mode, additional miniatures, and the Eagle’s Nest expansion pack. One of the goodies is an exclusive Hitler teste-kill miniature, which remembers an “iconic moment” from the original games. 

“It’s a privilege to bring the hugely popular Sniper Elite video game series to the tabletop, with brilliant designers, beautiful art and lovingly crafted miniatures,” said head of Rebellion Unplugged, Duncan Molloy. “Sniper Elite the Board Game delivers all the tension and excitement about the video games. We can’t wait for players to get their hands on it!”

Sniper Elite 4 is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.