Rebellion has revoked a selection of Steam keys for the PC version of Sniper Elite 3 after an alleged set of "stolen" keys were believed to have been "resold to multiple companies, with no payments going to either Valve or the retail distributor".

The decision means that an unknown number of customers who purchased a key through affected third-party sellers have had access to the game revoked. Those affected are encouraged by the developer to seek a refund from the seller "immediately".

"We have been saddened to learn that some fans have been caught out by companies selling unlicensed or stolen Sniper Elite 3 Steam keys," said Rebellion in an update on Steam. "If you have been affected by this we encourage you to contact the seller in question and seek a refund immediately."

It continued: "To clarify, one of our PC retail distributors informed us that some of their allotted Steam keys were stolen. We believe these keys were then resold to multiple companies, with no payments going to either Valve or the retail distributor.

"Steam were immediately informed and have now revoked that set of keys."

While the list of affected retailers has yet to be disclosed, appears to be actively refunding customers who have had access to the game revoked. no longer appears to be selling Steam keys for the game on its website, either.

As compensation for the inconvenience, Rebellion states that it will offer the game's 'Target Hitler' pre-order bonus for free to those affected. To be eligible, users must email [email protected] by next Friday, July 4, with a receipt or proof of purchase from the original seller and the original Steam key they were issued.

"As a developer Rebellion are happy for you to purchase the game anywhere you see fit and support price competition in the PC market - we have in no way targeted any specific vendors (who may have also thought these keys were legitimate), just this one set of keys," the developer continued.

"All we can suggest if you have been affected is to please contact your vendor and first ask for a replacement key, and then contact us for the free pre-order DLC if you are successful."

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