by on Jan 4, 2018

Slender Man movie gets first trailer

Sony Pictures has released the first official trailer for Slender Man, the movie based on what many regard to be the most famous creepypasta.

Since his 2009 creation, the long-limbed supernatural character has shown up in many forms of media, but is heavily associated with video games after the release of 2012’s terrifying Slender: The Eight Pages freeware game, and the less successful 2015 follow-up: Slender: The Arrival. 

The movie takes place in a Massachusettes small town, and involves a high school girl who goes missing after trying to debunk the Slender Man myth with her three friends.

The movie is already courting controversy months before its release as Bill Weier, whose daughter stabbed another girl because of the Slender Man in 2014, has called it ‘extremely distasteful.’


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