by on Jul 25, 2019

Skyward Sword’s Earth Temple recreated in Breath of the Wild mod

A modder has replicated the entire Earth Temple from Skyward Sword as a custom dungeon mod, or shrine replacement, for Breath of the Wild (via PCGamer). 

The modder, Kreny, uses the modding tool Ice Spear: a visual editor with which many players are creating little experimental dungeons to fully fleshed out spaces, with challenging puzzles that would fit comfortably in any Zelda title. 

Kreny’s addition isn’t exactly the same as its predecessor, because the two games have different mechanics and different assets to create a dungeon from, but it’s undeniably an awesome achievement. Watching the walkthrough feels familiar to me, and it’s sweet that Skyward Sword has kept a dedicated fan base eight years on.

You can check out the mod below.



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