Bethesda has confirmed that the Dawnguard expansion for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be released for Xbox 360 on June 26.

That's only for the English version, however, with other localisations being slated for a release sometime in July. And you'll have to be on an Xbox 360, too, as Microsoft has paid big bucks for 30 day exclusivity on the first two chunks of Skyrim downloadable content.

The pack promises to add over 20 hours of content and will set you back 1600 of Don Mattrick's finest Microsoft Points, which is just shy of £14. For your money you're getting new weapons, abilities, quests and, if you choose, the chance to become a vampire lord.

"The 1600 Microsoft Point asking price for Dawnguard certainly looks a bit steep, but if Bethesda isn't telling porkies with the amount of content you're getting it could be a real highlight this summer," I wrote in our Dawnguard preview from E3 2012.