While Bethesda has always supported the mod scene on PC, the developer is also looking to bring those tools to console for Skyrim, and the first steps towards this have already been taken.

"I think our PC mod community is one of the things that is great about our games." Skyrim game director Todd Howard told AusGamers. "We've always supported it and we want to continue to do it. But a lot of our audience is on the consoles so they're not experiencing that. So we have talked to Microsoft and Sony; 'how do we do this?'."

"The good news is that those things have started to happen with games like Forza 3 and sharing all your car stuff or Rock Band's a really good example, where you can make your own tracks where you're authoring them somewhere else then you're uploading them to the 360."

"There are still a lot of issues to solve with... because these aren't instances like a song or a car you know, you could download a mod that destroys your game and we can't have that. So we're still... we have not solved - even on paper yet - how to handle security; how do we handle not messing up your saved games and things like that."

"So it's not going to be solved for the game's release, but it's something that we're going to continue to look at because we think that it's an awesome part of the game that the majority of our audience isn't seeing."

Skyrim is due for release on November 11 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Bethesda's commitment to consoles is encouraging. Howard has also revealed how he prefers to demo Skyrim on 360 at trade shows, explaining that demoing the game on PC first can make subsequent console demonstrations appear a 'step-down' in comparison.