Skylanders Giants' new Giant characters will cost £14.99 each, according to listings at various online retailers.

The super-sized characters, which are being introduced to the series with the release of this week's Skylanders Giants, are more than twice the size of regular Skylanders figures and feature in-game powers and abilities that "reflect their colossal scale".

Eight Giants have been revealed so far, including Swarm, Bouncer, Tree Rex, Crusher, Hot Head, Eye-Brawl, Ninjini and Thumpback.

Only the first five, however, appear to be available at launch.

In addition to the Giants, a range of 'Lightcore' characters - which light up when placed on the Portal of Power - will also be available. They'll cost £12.99 each.

Regular Skylanders characters typically sell for £7.99.

Skylanders Giants launches this Friday, October 19. Why not shut the kids up by picking it up on the school run?