Sky Player on PS3 ‘may happen in future’ says Sky

Sky Player on PS3 ‘may happen in future’ says Sky
Wesley Yin-Poole Updated on by

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Sky Player, launched this week on the Xbox 360, may come to the PS3, according to Sky.

Speaking to, Sky’s director of On Demand Griff Parry said: “It [Sky Player on PS3] may very well happen in the future.”

The battle lines have been drawn in the war for console-owning TV watchers.

Sony’s PS3 currently offers access to the BBC’s iPlayer for free. The Sky Player is available to Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers who also have a Sky subscription.

When asked if Sky was actively trying to make available the Sky Player on PS3, Parry replied: “I can talk generally about our desire to extend to any device that supports a good quality experience to project the content. The PS3 is clearly a device where that is possible. And so it may very well happen in the future. Having said that, we’re very happy to be working with Xbox for the time being.”

What say you PS3 owners? Would you like to see the Sky Player come to your console? Let us know in the comments section below.