Sony Computer Entertainment has announced that titles in the SingStar brand have sold 12 million units across PAL territories, five million of which came in the 12-month period ended March 2008.

The first SingStar title was released on PlayStation 2 in 2004 and it was in December 2007 that the franchise moved onto the PlayStation 3 platform, expanding the franchise with a new business model of downloadable extra content available from SingStore. In the first four months one million songs were downloaded across PAL territories.

The game is also supported by online features, including My SingStar Online, a community in which players can share their performances. The service currently has 140,000 registered members.

"The term 'social gaming' is widely recognised in 2008 - however, it was relatively new when we launched the first SingStar title in 2004," said Mark Hardy, Director of Product Marketing of SCEE. "That game entered the charts at number one in many countries, allowing us to pioneer the social gaming category and a new market of consumers who might not have bought games before. We really are teaching the world to sing with SingStar - and business for 2008 is looking excellent."

Later this year, PlayStation 3 gamers will be offered a second title in the SingStar franchise, promising new features including a new harmony duet mode and PSP Remote Play functionality.

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