A new piece of DLC introducing theme park rides to SimCity is available to download now.

The 'Amusement Park Set' introduces a variety of funfair rides to Maxis' popular city-builder, including a go-kart ride, a roller coaster and a carousel, and three park entrances.

"Create your own customized, fun-filled amusement park," reads the DLC's description. "Build your park around your city's terrain and layout using amusement park paths. Your amusement park will benefit both locals and tourists alike as they fill your park, riding all the rides and shopping at the concessions."

The DLC costs £7.99 and is available to download via Origin.

Amusement Park DLC joins the previously released British City Set, French City Set and German City Set DLC packs. A free 'Nissan Leaf' pack, which adds an electric vehicle charging station, is also available to download, too.

SimCity's latest 4.0 update was released last week. The patch introduces a number of fixes and tweaks to the game, and introduces a new region.

Source: Origin