Josh Wise by on Jan 4, 2021

Silent Hill creator reveals details on new “horror-oriented” game

Keiichiro Toyama, the creator of Silent Hill and Gravity Rush, has revealed some details on his new studio’s first game.

In an interview with IGN, Toyama said, “If anything, this will be more of a horror-oriented game. But we will focus on making this a broader entertainment experience, rather than a hardcore horror game.”

Toyama recently left Sony Japan Studio, along with Kazunobu Sato, who was the lead designer of Puppeteer, and Junya Okura, the lead designer on the Gravity Rush series.

This new has a note of the bittersweet to it; fans of Silent Hill have cause to be upset, given that Toyama now likely won’t be involved with any future installments of that series, but also happy that Toyama will be serving them with fresh and disturbing doses of horror in the days to come.

Actually, make that years to come: “We’re just entering prototype development, and development will probably take nearly three years,” Toyama said. “So we hope to get this game into your hands in about three years from now.”


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