Shovel Knight developer looking to Resident Evil 2 for inspiration

Shovel Knight developer looking to Resident Evil 2 for inspiration
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Yacht Club Games, developer of the platforming series Shovel Knight, has revealed that it would be interested in pilfering the mechanics of Resident Evil 2 in its future projects (via

Shovel Knight Dig is the latest entry into the extremely successful series, but Yacht Club Games isn’t making the game. It’s got mobile developer Nitrome to take over, as the studio humorously stated, “We wanted another Shovel Knight game, but we didn’t want to make it.” Shovel Knight Dig is a collaborative effort between the two teams, with “a lot of back and forth” to produce its “classic arcade goodness.”

Yielding development to Nitrome has let Yacht Club Games focus on its future, and what games it would like to make. In a guest post on, the company said a “long and far-reaching” property like Shovel Knight could be on the cards. “It was certainly fun to tie everything together and make it all interact in different ways! Who knows… maybe one day we’ll make Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove HD collection with cartoon visuals and a Resident-Evil 2-style zapping system. Wouldn’t that be neat?” it hypothesised. 

For the uninitiated, zapping in Resident Evil means that actions taken in the first playthrough of the game will unlock items or change the environment in the second playthrough of the story. For example, if “Leon A” kills Marvin Branagh, that character won’t pop up in “Claire B”. Yacht Club Games is pivoting towards “all new games in the future” on its job opportunities site, and it is looking for 3D artists, programmers, and designers

The studio is no longer interested in extending the shelf life of Shovel Knight, but these tidbits point to an interesting new venture for the indie developer. Perhaps we will get a sneak peek soon, and if we do, you’ll be the first to know.