Frogwares has released a new developer Q&A video, answering fan questions and offering up some more details on its upcoming Sherlock Holmes prequel, Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One.

Topics include the length of the open world adventure, which the developers say will consist of five main quests following the main story which is said to take around 12 hours, as well as more than 30 side quests bringing the total playtime to around 40-50 hours for those who dedicate themselves to seeing absolutely everything the game has to offer.

The Q&A also reveals that the game's main story will focus on Sherlock investigating the death of his own Mother, but he's also looking to prove himself as a 'real detective' with his new (or is that old?) sidekick Jon. Yes, that's right—as a cheeky response to a question asked about the infamous teleporting 'Creepy Watson' meme from 2008's Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis that did the rounds a few years ago—Frogwares reveals that the famous Dr Watson will not be making an appearance in this game at all.

You can check out the full Q&A for yourself below, Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One is currently scheduled for a release later this year (an exact date is still TBA) on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.


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