From Software, developer of the Dark Souls and Bloodborne series, has teased its next project with a video shown in the pre-show of the Game Awards last night.

It's literally the briefest of teases, with a shot of what appears to be a bloodstained weapon being tightened up, we think? Over a parchment with mysterious runes over it. It then fades to black as the words 'Shadows Die Twice' appear on screen.

There's plenty of guesses from fans as to what this means, with plenty of comments on this very video thinking this might be Bloodborne 2. But we'd note that the words Shadows Die Twice are in capital letters, so it could just be the name of the project itself. 

From Software aren't giving anything else away yet whatsoever, so we'll have to speculate wildly on this for now until more information is forthcoming, whenever that may be.

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