Flying Wild Hog, developer of the Shadow Warrior series, is beavering away on a live multiplayer action-RPG with a sci-fi setting. 

“Our DNA is to experiment, to always look for something new. So, we will definitely not abandon the first-person shooter space but we really want to expand our approach,” said CEO MichaƂ Szustak in an interview about its projects earlier this year. Its three new games in the works were two “full triple-A” games and one “original action game.” With the announcement of Shadow Warrior 3, we could assume this new sci-fi game to be the “original action game.” 

“The new game – built using Unreal Engine 4 – will deliver a rich, deep, connected and customisable multiplayer action-RPG gaming experience of high adventure and explosive action set in a sci-fi universe,” read the press release from its publisher, Jagex. This “multi-format living game” is going to launch next year, and is a good fit for Jagex’s expertise developing and managing games of this ilk. “Central to the offer is access to Jagex’s living games publishing suite of services, including user acquisition, digital marketing, analytic and audience insight systems, monetisation design, and community leadership,” continued the announcement. Delightful.

Phil Mansell, CEO of Jagex, enthused about the partnership between the two companies, and said it is a “potent combination,” and Flying Wild Hog consistently produces games “of huge potential.” Szustak said that the developer “can’t wait to show the world” what it’s cooking up, so watch this space for updates on this exciting project.

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