If there's one thing to be said about Shadow of the Colossus, it's how visually striking it looked back in 2005 for what the PS2 was capable of at the time. Now for the PlayStation 4 remake in 2018, Bluepoint Games hopes to recapture that sense of awe on the modern tech with its version, meaning we can look forward to more visual treats when we get our hands on it in February.

The first trailer reveals that players on PlayStation 4 Pro will be able to select from a Performance Mode, in which the game will target a 60FPS framerate making things look incredibly smooth, and a Cinematic Mode which will target a 30FPS framerate, but allows a higher resolution with a 'dynamic 4K image'.

In addition, Sony also put out a trailer showing a graphical comparison between the original PS2 version, the updated PS3 HD re-release and this remake, and it's pleasing to see not only how much the graphics have improved over the years, but how close to the much beloved original they've kept proceedings.

Finally, Shadow of the Colossus on PS4 will also be getting a Collector's Edition, featuring artist postcards, a printed manual, some in-game digital extras, a couple of dynamic themes, some stickers and a world map. You can read more about that on the PlayStation Blog. 

Shadow of the Colossus will release exclusively on PlayStation 4 on February 6 2018


A couple of trailers out over the weekend have detailed this and shown how the remake both preserves and updates the game's stunning art direction, revealing that players who opt for the game on PS4 Pro will get to choose between running the game in 

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