Perception has released a press release to clarify the situation of the Stargate SG-1 videogame. JoWooD had announced that the game had been canned, but Perception is the official licensee of MGM on Stargate SG-1: The Alliance. The game will continue to be developed at Perception's Sydney studio.

Ben Lenzo, CEO of Perception said, "We view it as unfortunate that JoWooD would elect to make such misleading and libellous comments to the media and the marketplace. Over the last 9 months, JoWooD has openly acknowledged being in breach of contract in a number of areas including many legal and confidentiality breaches as well as several financial defaults for work performed by Perception and accepted by JoWooD."

"It's disappointing to hear of this so called termination via the press on the basis of a "get in first" tactic. This further suggests that JoWooD do not understand the terms of the contract. We are not surprised by their behaviour or lack of appreciation for the goodwill Perception has afforded JoWooD on many occasions," said Lenzo

So, it seems Stargate SG-1 fans are going to see a game after all, just not published by JoWooD. Perception has started personal prosecution proceedings against Albert Seidl (JoWooD CEO) and Andreas Rudas (Chairman of the Supervisory Board of JoWooD).

We'll bring you more news on the SG-1 game as we hear more.