In celebration of the 10th anniversary of The Settlers II, the new edition of the game will allow PC gamers to relive the 1996 classic with new 3D graphics and additional gameplay features. The all-new in-game engine, developed exclusively by Ubisoft's Blue Byte Studio in cooperation with Funatics, creates a unique comic book-style interactive environment, complete with beautiful fauna and flora.

In The Settlers II players need to establish a running economy in a world set in the 5th century BC. Build streets and optimize the transport system to ensure the most efficient transportation of goods. Players will also have a choice of 31 different buildings, 25 carriers, 5 military units and 31 goods to use.

The Romans, Nubians and Chinese return to the single-player campaign with ten large missions to be completed, plus numerous additional maps, a random map generator and multiplayer modes.

"The Settlers brand has enormous potential and is a great concept that PC aficionados have been able to relate to and rally round for over a decade," said John Parkes, EMEA Marketing Director, Ubisoft. "We are really excited to bring these fun characters back to life, this time in a 3D environment, and we trust the Settlers fans and many more will enjoy being back playing the three different nations!!"

Expect to more information on The Settlers II 10th Anniversary in the coming months.