The game '25 to Life' looks set to spark a whole new row over videogame violence after New York Senator, Charles Schumer, called for the game to be banned. Schumer is claiming the Eidos published game "lowers common decency." Schumer wants to stop stores from selling the game and is also calling for support from Microsoft and Sony, asking them to pull Eidos' licence for the title.

Schumer feels so strongly about the game that he has gone as far as saying "25 To Life makes Grand Theft Auto look like Romper Room." The Game has been given an ESRB rating "M" meaning it is intended for gamers aged 17 or older. Currently no other politicians have joined with Schumer over this matter.

Had '25 to Life' been a movie, we doubt anyone would have cared. With videogames being the new way to corrupt young people, the industry is often on the end of harsh criticism. Last year many retailers in the UK pulled Rockstar's Manhunt from store shelves after the game was supposedly connected to a murder. British press blew things out of all proportion, and now the game is back on sale.

We'll bring you more as the situation develops.