NiGHTS Into Dreams, developed by Sonic Team, was released on the Saturn in 1996, complete with the Saturn's analogue control pad. In the game players took the role of either Claris Sinclair or Elliot Edwards, who in their dreams enter the world of Nightopia. An evil creature called Wizeman is trying to take control of the dream world, and the children with the help of NiGHTS, a Nightmaren who rebelled against Wizeman, attempt to stop his evil plans.

Well, if you want to believe what Famitsu says, we can expect to see a version of NiGHTS on the Revolution. At this time it is unclear if the game will be a sequel or simply the Saturn game appearing on the Revolution's Virtual Console. Either way, it's an exciting prospect and one that already has the game's fan base salivating profusely.

Should the rumour be true, then we would hope that some more information will be announced at E3. Here's hoping.

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