Sega's got lot of IPs under its belt, and it's eager to get your feedback in helping to shape the future of some of its most popular franchise by way of a new Player Survey.

The survey aims to get ideas regarding the next direction for the likes of Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega is already working on a new Sonic game, that much we know), Phantasy Star, Valkyria Chronicles, and Yakuza. Other franchises such as Shenmue, Streets of Rage, House of the Dead, Golden Axe, and Virtua Tennis are also mentioned.

In addition, Sega is eager to find out if you buy games digitally or at retailers, how often you fork out for Collector's Editions, and what websites you follow for gaming news (besides VideoGamer, naturally).

If you feel strongly about any of these franchises, then it's probably best you head here and take the survey yourself. I mean, it can't hurt, can it? Just, you know, don't ask for Shadow the Hedgehog 2. 

In the meantime, Josh has a good idea of what should and shouldn't be featured in a new Sonic game.

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