SEGA rules out Alpha Protocol sequel

SEGA rules out Alpha Protocol sequel
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Obsidian’s SEGA published Alpha Protocol, the espionage RPG, won’t be getting a sequel, the publisher has confirmed.

Speaking to CVG SEGA West president Mike Hayes said sales of the game have not reached targets set by the publisher.

“Let’s speak very commercially; the game hasn’t sold what we’ve expected, therefore we won’t be doing a sequel,” said Hayes. “The concept was brilliant, though.

“You know this whole thing with Metacritic where you have to be in the high 70s to mid-80s minimum [to have any success]. Well, with RPGs you have got to be in the late 80s. Whilst we had a good game, I don’t think we had a game that had enough to get us to that upper echelon and I think that was the issue.”

Hayes concluded: “The amount you need to invest to get there is so large because RPGs are naturally big projects. We’ve decided we won’t do a sequel.”

Alpha Protocol is out now for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.