SEGA Europe has detailed its summer line-up, beginning with the PSP platform puzzle game Crush on May 25. Crush is set within a complex, hypnotic 3D world, where players will use the game's unique crush mechanic to transform the 3D game world into a simplified 2D platformer.

Up next is SEGA Presents Touch Darts, pencilled in for June 22. The game will use the DS stylus to bring the pub game to the dual screened handheld. Expect a host of mini-games and multiplayer modes.

A week later on June 29 comes Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars, a compilation of Crazy Taxi and Crazy Taxi 2 with new ad hoc multiplayer modes made for the PSP.

The PSP love continues in July with the release of Alien Syndrome, a fast-paced action-RPG which will be released simultaneously for the Wii. Both versions will take advantage of version specific hardware including full motion controls for the Wii and wireless multiplayer on the PSP.

Finally there is Sonic Rush Adventure for Nintendo DS. The sequel to the well received Sonic Rush is currently planned for an autumn release. This time around Sonic and pals will be setting sail battling against a host of new enemies including pirates.

SEGA also has a selection of next-gen titles on the way including SEGA Rally and The Club.