SEGA and Bizarre Creations' The Club recently got kicked out of 2007 in favour of an early 2008 release, but this hasn't prevented the title from remaining on our gaming radar.

SEGA continues to feed gamers with a steady stream of information, the latest of which concerns three of the game's modes: Run the Gauntlet, Team Skill Shot and Score Match.

Run the Gauntlet:

A single player mode: "Run the Gauntlet" is exactly how it sounds; a point-to-point run-and-gun race against the clock. Players will sprint through the level chaining together as many combos as possible by blowing away bad guys in stylish and deadly ways. The focus is on sprinting the character towards the exit and trying to finish the level within the time limit, achieving the set score.

Team Skull Shot:

A multiplayer mode: This is a team-based game where both teams have coloured skull shot targets scattered throughout a level. The red team must shoot the blue skulls and vice versa. The team who shoots all the opposing team's skull shots first is the team who wins.

Score Match:

A multiplayer mode: Players are set a score target and must burst into the level and try to achieve it as quickly as possible by taking down the other players and keeping their combos going. It's all against all and not a place to make friends, but then The Club is all about survival of the fittest, fastest and meanest.

You can read more about The Club by checking out Pro-G's recent preview.