Sonic Rush Adventure will retain the same high-octane action that made the first DS game so popular, and now will take Sonic to the high seas where he will clash with ruthless pirates, robots, skeleton warriors, pterodactyls, and a robotic triceratops.

Players will begin at Windmill Village and embark on a adventure through seven action-packed and diverse levels including forests, a ghost ship, snow covered mountains, pirate villages and a vast underwater sea cave. Along the way Sonic and Tales will have to collect valuable items and materials that enable them to take down villainous pirates.

The game will feature a host of water-based transport including a submarine, water bike and hovercraft. Using the touch screen players will control the vessels and race across the ocean gathering rings, performing tricks and torching pirate boats. At the end of each level dual screen boss battles will challenge gamers, with the evil boss character Captain Whisker awaiting Sonic in the final challenge.

In addition to the game's single-player mode, Sonic Rush Adventure will feature DS Download Play and support for Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, enabling players to compete with friends in wireless racing and mission-based battles.

Sonic Rush Adventure is scheduled for release on Nintendo DS in the autumn.