Sega cancelled a full-fledged Shenmue HD remake

Sega cancelled a full-fledged Shenmue HD remake
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Sega originally had plans to produce a more ambitious high-definition revamp of Yu Suzuki's Shenmue, Digital Foundry has revealed.

While we ended up getting Shenmue I & II HD courtesy of developer d3t on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One, both games utilised the same AM2 assets as the Dreamcast games. They looked nicer, sure, but it wasn't a full-fledged HD makeover that fans were expecting.

Turns out that Sega was actually working on properly overhauling Shenmue at one point, although according to DF the project was cancelled as a result of budget constraints and delays.

The Shenmue remakes boasted a wealth of enhancements in comparison to the original games, including improved textures, lightning, 3D geometry, and proper shadow maps. In addition to the environments, characters were also spruced up too, with new details such as increased geometry added.

As well as the original Shenmue, there's also footage of the sequel doing the rounds, so it seems that Sega were committed to revamping both games. 

Check them out in action below.