Yakuza, a thrilling action-adventure game created Toshihiro Nagoshi and award-winning novelist Seishu Hase, has been developed exclusively on the PlayStation 2. The game takes players into the world of Japan's infamous underground organization, the Yakuza. Kiryu Kazuma, former member of the feared Yakuza organization, has just been released from a 10-year stretch in prison for murder. He finds himself in a spiralling underworld plot involving a mysterious girl named Haruka and the small matter of 10 Billion missing Yen.

"We feel that the street brawling gameplay in particular will impress everyone," commented Matt Woodley, Creative Director of SEGA Europe. "Getting this spot on in games has proven hard for some developers in the past, but the Yakuza team have pulled it off with great style. Add to that some of the most evocative locations seen in a game and we have a title SEGA are very excited to be releasing."

Yakuza is a blend of action and adventure, with a stylish fighting mechanic and immersive storyline. The combat engine gives the player the ability to string together attack combinations, taking out multiple enemies simultaneously; use walls and tables to inflict damage; and pick up objects to cause extra pain.

Players are also free to explore Tokyo's hidden urban nightlife, modelled with neon-lit streets, nightclubs and shops, all licensed in order to give an authentic feel to the game. Yakuza is scheduled for release this summer on PlayStation 2.