The almost inevitable success of upcoming MMO Guild War 2 is a worry for the lead designer of The Secret World, Martin Bruusgaard.

In a recent conversation with during the second hands-on experience for the MMO, Bruusgaard explained that it's a difficult year to come out with a new MMO:

"I think it's more difficult to come out with an MMO period, I have to be honest about that. I mean Star Wars just came out and it's doing fairly well, and Guild Wars is getting fantastic previews. A lot of people are excited about that, including me. I was a huge Guild Wars 1 fan."

Bruusgaard doesn't believe the use of a subscription will be an issue, as this business model is the norm for triple-A MMOs.

"I feel like we probably are in competition with some others but we also stand out in a lot of ways," he explained.

"The modern-day setting, I think that appeals to a lot of people. The story, the way we tell a story. The factions, the secret societies are new and fresh, everyone has their own agenda. And it creates good PvP. That's how I feel that we stick out, and we have a chance to...a right to live, sort of, if you get what I mean."

However he concedes it would have been easier for the game had it launched last year.

"[It's] hard to say, [but] it would probably be easier - if I remember correctly - Cataclysm didn't really do as well as they had hoped. At first it did but then not. I don't know why people were surprised. 'Oh there are some new levels, now I get to grind more'. I still play it, I love it, but some people were surprised, I don't know why. And RIFT, I mean, I actually feel we have similarities with RIFT. But would it be easier? I would probably say yes."

He adds: "I think Guild Wars [2] will do really well."

In response to whether he is worried about the release of the NCsoft MMO, Bruusgaard says he is.

"Yeah. That would be for me personally, I'm not speaking for the company here, but for me yeah, I think Guild Wars will do really well."

Guild Wars 2 has not announced its official release date, however The Secret World recently pushed its released back to June 19.

Despite his worries about Guild Wars 2, The Secret World is a spectacularly interesting MMO. Check out our latest preview of the game.