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Secret high res God of War 2 mode revealed

OK, so yesterday we jumped the gun slightly when we reported that the secret God of War website,, contained nothing greatly exciting – just some videos and a nice looking wallpaper.

It’s now been discovered that the page of text which is seen when you click proceed to bypass the videos holds a secret. Hidden on the page are Greek letters which spell out Kratos; click on them in the correct order and hit proceed and you will be supplied with another video and a picture puzzle to solve. Complete this and you will be rewarded with a code to unlock a higher resolution version of the game for PS3 and PS2.

It’s not 720p or anything, but what you do get is 480P with full size buffers, meaning the game runs at 640×488 resolution. The game does run a little slower, but the visual difference is certainly noticeable when running on an LCD.

To get this mode running you’ll want to input the following code while the game is loading before the white text “SCEA Presents” screen comes up. If inputted correctly the screen should turn purple. This also works on the PS3, but you might need to connect the controller with a USB cable to get it working.

Code: Press and hold L1, L2, L3, Square and Circle

It’s also now been discovered that the website contains more secrets. Once you’ve seen the code if you click “You Seek An Audience With The Fates“, you will be shown a new countdown with a game name slowly appearing on screen. It’s thought this will spell out the name of the PSP or PS3 God of War game.

God of War 2 isn’t out in Europe until April 27 so you might have to wait before giving the code a try.


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