Speaking to French magazine DVDrama, Gans said: "There will indeed be a Silent Hill 2 and it is officially ordered and is already well underway. Once he has finished his adaptation of Driver, Roger Avary will be [working on the script], helped by his friend Neil Gaiman."

Gaiman's involvement is, however, in question, with the man himself stating on his blog: "Yesterday I discovered pretty much all of my FAQ messages were people asking whether I was really going to be writing the Silent Hill sequel with Roger Avary. I'm afraid that I don't think I am - I mean, it's the first thing I've ever heard of it, and I'm sure that if they make a sequel Roger would want to write it himself."

There's now also some doubt as to whether Gans will be able to direct the sequel, admitting that his other commitments - which include work on another video game adaptation, Onimusha - could rule him out of directing the Silent Hill sequel.

Fans of the first film should be pleased to here that Gans is also planning to release a special two-disc collector's edition of the movie, although this is said to be over two years away, with Gans whishing to complete work on Onimusha before beginning on the DVD.