EA and Double Fine Productions have announced the December 17 release of the Brutal Legend Hammer of Infinite Fate DLC.

The DLC pack introduces a series of new skins, weapon upgrades, multiplayer maps and unlockable achievements.

The Hammer of Infinite Fate pack allows players to upgrade Eddie Riggs with three new outfits including the Mountain Man, Black Metal and Zaulia Threads, as well as seven more back patches.

Eddie's hotrod, The Deuce, will also get a face lift with four brand new paint jobs and four more upgrades that players can purchase. These include the Oculus of the Lost, an all-seeing GPS for the worl; and the Eye of Sorrow, a weapon that harnesses the power of the Sea of Black Tears and launches black projectiles of doom at enemies.

Players will also be able to unlock nine new Achievements and trophies which are based on the latest additions of the Hammer of Infinite Fate expansion pack. Mount Rockmore will see six more heads for players to purchase and unlock, including Rima, Razputin, Dadbat, Hunter, Kage the Kannonier and the game's creator Tim Schafer.

The DLC also features four new multiplayer maps: Altar of Blood, Coiled Remains, Crucible of the Titans and The Amplified Cliffs. Each map features a completely unique environment.

Hammer of Infinite Fate will be available on Xbox LIVE for 480 MS Points and for $4.99 on PlayStation Network.