Sea of Thieves Season Five brings Custom Quests, fireworks and rats later this week

Sea of Thieves Season Five brings Custom Quests, fireworks and rats later this week
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Rare has detailed the contents of Sea of Thieves Season Five ahead of its release in the pirate sandbox later this week.

The main major new feature is the ability to create Custom Quests. You do this by burying treasure, which you’ll be able to do as part of the update. Doing so creates a custom map that shows the location of your treasure, which you can now set as Custom Quests on boards found on every Seapost and Outpost. If someone takes up your quest and finds your treasure, you’ll get the reputation and renown rewards next time you log in.

Elsewhere, Merchants now sell fireworks, which you can use for celebrations or to alert other players to your position. Also new is the ability to sit and even sleep in beds, allowing you to rest and renew your health. You can also now turn around your speaking trumpet to whisper to specific players, and you can now find canons on some rowboats.

Of course there’s a whole new set of cosmetics and emotes to get in the game’s Season Pass, and new ship parts. There’s also a Party Boat shop set for those who complete the commendations. There’s even more cosmetics in the latest Plunder Pass, while the Pirate Emporium also has some new Captain Barbossa-themed cosmetics.

Elsewhere, there’s three new shanties and rats that will scurry above deck to give you a warning if you’ve got a leak down below. There’s also some much-requested quality of life changes, including the ability to more quickly fill boxes and new markers for loot in the ocean.

You can check out the trailer for Sea of Thieves Season Five for yourself below. The update arrives Thursday, December 2 in the game on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.