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Sea of Thieves kicks off Forts of the Forgotten Adventure with new gameplay trailer

Sea of Thieves kicks off Forts of the Forgotten Adventure with new gameplay trailer
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Rare has announced that the second Sea of Thieves adventure, entitled Forts of the Forgotten, is now live in the game.

This second chapter follows on from the events of last month’s Shrouded Isles adventure. If you missed it or just need a quick catch up, pirates were investigating a mysterious fog washing across the titular Sea of Thieves. It caused the disappearance of the inhabitants of the Golden Sands Outpost.

That adventure led swashbucklers to an ancient ritual on Shipwreck Bay. It turned out that the responsible party was none other than The Servant of the Flame. The Reapers mysterious leader then summoned a Soulflame Captain, who pirates then had to take down. However, it turned out they were just a distraction. Killing them allowed series baddie Captain Flameheart to unleash his Sea Forts in the world.

In this new adventure, Bella is recruiting pirates to come and rescue the disappeared denizens from these Sea Forts. Pirate crews are invited to speak to Larinna to get their quest and prison break underway. Those that do so are in line for some unique rewards for themselves and their ships. The Forts of the Forgotten Adventure will be live from now until April 7 in Sea of Thieves. You can check out the gameplay trailer, and a story trailer, for yourself down below.


Sea of Thieves

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The freedom of pirate life awaits in Rare’s next adventurous voyage.

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March 20, 2018