Samurai Warriors games have already appeared on the PlayStation 2 and the Xbox and are very much in the same category of gaming as the Dynasty Warriors series, offering non-stop action mixed with some strong tactical play. Samurai Warriors: State of War on the PSP is set in civil war Japan and players take control of famous military commanders and other legendary characters.

All the best-loved features of the PlayStation 2 version will make their way into the PSP game, as will a host of PSP specific features. An all new story system is included that gives players the ability to align characters with specific army corps. Each character, of which there are six to begin with, can be guided through a series of tactical and action stages, with the path taken changing depending on which corps the character aligns with. Once you reach the end of a story you can take the same character down a different story path.

A more powerful Bodyguard system will also be in place, offering the player support form a bodyguard, working alongside you as second in command. There are 200 bodyguards to select from and as their abilities grow they learn to perform actions exclusive to the PSP game.

The Battlefield Area System divides the battlefield into smaller sections, making it possible to pick up and play a short section of the game - ideal for the mobile platform. Although split into small sections, over the long term you'll be coming back for more to improve character and equipment stats.

A four-player wireless multiplayer mode will also be present and offers quick gameplay over a number of stages, with additional items only collectable in this mode. Samurai Warriors: State of War on the PSP is scheduled for release across Europe on March 24.