Koei has today announced Samurai Warriors 2 Xtreme Legends, an entire new game's worth of content designed to enhance the Samurai Warriors 2 experience.

Available only to owners to Samurai Warriors 2, Xtreme Legends will add a host of new features and game content, and marks Koei's first moves into downloadable content for European gamers.

The expansion enables owners of Samurai Warriors 2 to power up all of the original characters with new charge attacks and a fifth new weapon. It will also increase the character level limit from 50 to 70. The DLC also introduces six new legendary characters: Kojiro Sasaki, Yoshimoto Imagawa, Katsuie Shibata, Toshiie Maeda, Motochika Chosokabe and Gracia. All are selectable to use in Samurai Warriors 2's Survival, Story and Sugaroku modes.

Xtreme Legends also features 36 new scenarios, including the battlefields of Okehazama and Shikoku, and the brand new Mercenary mode - players can hire other samurai to fight alongside them. Two-player co-op will be introduced to Story and Free modes, as will new difficulty modes for beginners and veterans.

Samurai Warriors 2 Xtreme Legends is scheduled for release on Xbox LIVE Marketplace on March 21. On the same date the game will also be available as a standalone title for PlayStation 2. This can be played as a new experience or used to power up Samurai Warriors 2.