After the huge success of the episodic return of puzzle-game legends Sam and Max, and with a retail version of the entire series due soon, a new season of downloadable content has been confirmed.

Due at the end of this year from the broadband entertainment network GameTap, fans can expect more of the same mix of comedy and puzzling seen in Steve Purcell's original game. The only clues to content so far come in the form of the one released screen, set in Stinky's, the diner down the street from Sam and Max's offices that remained tantalisingly closed for the entire first series.

"Season One was a great success, but it's just a starting point for us," says Telltale's CEO Dan Connors. "The episodic model presents so many opportunities to innovate and engage the audience in brand new ways. Just wait until you see what Telltale and GameTap have in store with Season Two."