Emergent Game Technologies have today announced that the much discussed Wii horror title, Sadness, is being built on the Gamebryo game development platform.

Sadness is the first Wii title to be presented entirely in black-and-white and is in development by Poland-based game studio Nibris. The game is set prior to World War I and is described as a crime noir thriller with richly detailed characters and an engaging storyline.

Sandness will see players confronting their greatest fears and protect themselves in hope of not getting trapped inside the main character's nightmare. The game will feature eight different endings which will play out depending on the player's actions.

Making full use of the Wii, the game will use the Wii Remote and Nunchuck to move the character's hands.

"Without a doubt, Gamebryo is the most powerful engine available for the Wii. After getting familiar with the engine several months ago we made the decision to choose Gamebryo. Since then, our team has been working on Sadness and we are quite impressed," said Tomasz Wisniowski, Project Manager of Nibris. "We will have quite a few graphical effects in our game, which some believe are impossible to attain on the Wii. Gamebryo helped make it possible. We are firmly convinced we made the right choice."

"Sadness is designed to push the bounds of Wii technically and creatively," said Geoffrey Selzer, CEO of Emergent. "We are thrilled to be a part of Nibris' ground-breaking product. We're really looking forward to playing Sadness on Wii."