Peter Molyneux, the mind behind Fable, has admitted his disappointment in the most recent game in the series.

In an interview with Gamasutra, he blamed lack of time during the development process as the primary reason for Fable III's short-comings.

"The process, the way that we designed, and the way that we crafted - meant that the game came together very late. That is one of the things that we're changing; that is just such an old school way of working," said Molyneux. "So little time to balance and refine".

He added: "We didn't have the time to craft that into what that dream was ... Lionhead - especially me - has never created projects in less than two years. This was the first time we ever did that."

However this experience has changed the way Lionhead Studios will now develop new titles.

"It's because of those things that, now, when we approach development, it's very different, because we want to know precisely how long the experience we're crafting is up front, rather than waiting to the end, so that we have a clear idea how each of these mechanics is used, how they're meted out, how they're exploited, and how they're really used to amplify the whole drama of what that is.

"So we've got a very, very different process of designing now," he stated.

Molyneux regularly admits disappointment in his ambitious games. Last year he stated that Fable II was "rushed", a sentiment we clearly see follows through in Fable III.