James Orry by on Feb 26, 2006

Rush to PSP

Rush will include a story mode based in L.A. and more than 50 cars, with West Coast Customs once again on hand to pimp your ride. Rush on the PSP will also feature 30 new cruise missions and Wi-Fi multiplayer allowing any cruise mission to be played with a friend. Expect tunes from Lil’ Kim and Twista on the game’s soundtrack.

Other game modes include Stunt Arena and Battle Race. In the Stunt Arena mode you’ll have to launch your car off a ramp and perform various mid-air tricks, while battle races see you go one-on-one against another racer. Rush on the PSP is due out in North America in September.


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L.A. Rush

on PC, PlayStation 2, PSP, Xbox

Cruise around LA and visit West Coast Customs in this street racing…

Release Date:

20 October 2005