Speaking to an insider, Pro-G has learned that Sony is now supporting rumble for its Sixaxis controller as revealed in the latest System Development Kit (SDK) sent to developers on Thursday.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, SDKs are essentially packages of tools given to programmers enabling them to develop applications for a specific platform, in this case, Sony's PlayStation 3.

While the news of rumble support isn't necessarily Earth shattering - Sony and Immersion both kissed, made up, and partnered earlier this year after all - it's the timing in which this news broke that has us excited.

With this year's Toyko Game Show starting imminently, and with developers being handed the tools to implement rumble a mere week before the show kicks off, the unveiling of a redesigned Sixaxis controller seems likely. If anything, this at least confirms that rumble will in fact be featured in future PS3 titles.

The Tokyo Game Show runs from September 20 to September 23.