Angry Birds creator Rovio has confirmed that Amazing Alex will be its first release not to feature the feathered pig haters.

Amazing Alex is based on the game Casey's Contraptions, which Rovio acquired from developers Snappy Touch and Mystery Coconut.

"Working with Noel [Llopis, Snappy Touch founder] and Miguel [A. Friginal, Mystery Coconut founder] has been fantastic, and this is a game that we all fell in love with from the first play," Rovio's VP of franchise development Ville Heijari told Gamasutra.

"The gameplay is a perfect fit in our arsenal with its approachable, fun and highly addictive take on the physics puzzler genre. We are currently reworking the title to enhance it, and getting ready to re-introduce it in a true 'expect the unexpected' Rovio style launch to an even larger audience."

Casey's Contraptions had previously been released for iPad, but this has been removed form the App Store. Amazing Alex will launch this summer.

Via Develop